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    Jason Doucette / Xona Games
    hometown – Yarmouth, NS, Canada
    residence – Seattle, WA, USA
    university – Acadia University
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    Computer Graphics

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    The following graphic samples are all software, programmed in MS-DOS. They all run real-time, even on a 486/66Mhz class machine (on which most of these were programmed). Each real time computer graphic engine is similar to those required for interactive video games and simulation software. None of the following effects are created via 3D graphic accelerators. Each of these effects is 100% responsible for the display of every individual pixel, manually computed by CPU directly from my software. Also, none of the programs use a graphics API (such as DirectX or OpenGL) which would perform most of the calculations for you. Any 3D program uses the basic 3D formula for converting a 3D point into a 2D screen position which I developed myself in grade VIII without the aid of textbooks or any other graphic / art sources. All the effects included tweaked VGA modes, hi-color modes, and other video card tricks are 100% software.

    All code is original and self-taught. Pictures are shrunk down from the actual screen shots. All effects, including hi-color effects, run under standard VGA. Some run under any non-standard Mode-X resolution (up to 360x480, 376x564, and 640x400).

    It should be noted that standard VGA does not have a hi-color mode. In its standard mode 13h, the screen has a resolution of 320x200. The pixels have an anisotropic ratio of 6:5. It has a maximum of 256 colors on the screen at any given time. It only has one frame buffer, which implies a 64,000-byte memory copy from a virtual screen buffer for each frame.

    In the non-standard Mode-X modes, there are several screen resolutions available. The initial problem is to tweak the registers in an unpublished, non-standard way to achieve these modes. They also have a 256 color limit. Their pixel aspect ratios vary with the modes (320x240 has perfectly square pixels, where as most of the other resolutions do not). If the screen buffer is sufficiently small (131,072 bytes or less), Mode-X offers more than a single screen buffer. However, unlike mode 13h, is it non-linear. It exists in four planes, in which each plane accesses one fourth of the screen. Each plane skips three intermediate screen pixels, making it very difficult for drawing procedures - even for a virtual screen buffer copy, which is necessary for modes with only one screen buffer.

    The knowledge and wisdom gained from my extensive experience in programming these software engines can be used for the implementation of such engines in the current release of 2D systems, such as PDA devices and the Game Boy Advance (GBA). If you have an interest in any of my technologies, please contact me at .

    Wire Mesh 3D Glasses
    Wire Frame Space Shuttle Wire Frame 3D Glasses
    Download 3dglasses.zip (56KB)
    Anti-Aliased Lines
    Anti-Aliased Lines
    Download antialiasing.zip (20KB)

    Polygon Tunnel
    Polygon Tunnel
    Download polygontunnel.zip (14KB)
    Light-Source w/ Shadow 3D Parameterization
    Light-Source Polygon Shadow
    Download lightsourceshadow.zip (17KB)
    3D Parameterization
    Download 3dparameterization.zip (297KB)

    Texture Mapping Texture Mapping
    w/ Color Quantized Fade
    Texture Mapping
    Download texturemapping.zip (23KB)
    Texture Mapping w/ Color Quantized Fade
    Download texturemappingfade.zip (79KB)
    Texture Mapped Tunnel Rotation, Scaling, Mip-Mapping
    Texture Mapped Tunnel
    Download texturedtunnel.zip (24KB)
    Download rotation.zip (396KB)

    Gouraud Shading
    Gouraud Shading Gouraud Shading
    Download gouraudshading.zip (62KB)
    Environment Mapping Phong Shading
    Environment Mapping

    Environment Mapping

    Environment Mapping
    Download environmentmapping.zip (127KB)
    Phong Shading

    Phong Shading

    Phong Shading
    Download phongshading.zip (46KB)
    Gouraud Texture Perspective Texture
    Gouraud Texture Perspective Texture
    Download perspectivetexture.zip (44KB)

    Polygon Blur Gouraud Texture Blur
    Polygon Blur Gouraud Texture Blur
    Download gouraudtextureblur.zip (254KB)

    Spring Theory Gravity Simulation
    Spring Theory
    Spring Theory
    (on my Projects/Games page)
    Gravity Simulation
    Gravity Simulation
    (on my Projects/Games page)
    Anit-Gravity Arkanoid Physics
    Anti-Gravity Simulation
    Anti-Gravity Simulation
    (on my Projects/Games page)
    Arkanoid Physics Engine
    Arkanoid '97
    (on my Projects/Games page)
    Road Simulation
    Road Simulation
    Road Engine for Full Tilt
    (on my Projects/Games page)

    Voxel Terrain Technology (Height Mapped Engine)
    Photo-Realistic Height Mapped Terrain
    Voxel Terrain Engine
    (on my Projects/Games page)
    Bump Mapped Shading Vector Balls / Compiled Sprites
    Bump Mapped Shading
    Download bumpshading3.zip (19KB)
    Vector Balls
    Download vectorballs.zip (155KB)
    Maze Generator / Solver
    Maze Generation     Maze Solver
    Download mazegeneration.zip (35KB)

    Spinning Copper Bars Bitmap Plasma Distortion
    Spinning Copper Bars
    Download copperbars.zip (18KB)
    Wavy Bitmap
    Download bitmapdistortion.zip (73KB)
    Color Wheel / Fake 12-Bit Color Wave Interference

    Download 12bitcolor.zip (15KB)
    Wave Interference
    Download waveinterference.zip (36KB)
    Mandelbrot Set 3D Sierpinski Triangle /
    Sierpinski Gasket
    Mandelbrot Set
    Mandelbrot Set Images
    (on my Wallpapers page)
    3D Sierpinski Triangle / Sierpinski Gasket
    Liquid Motion Fire
    Liquid Motion
    Download liquidmotion.zip (21KB)
    Download fire.zip (28KB)

    Some of these graphic engines have been used in projects I have on display in my Projects/Games page.

    My brother, Matthew Doucette, also has a page which showcases his talents in Real Time DOS Graphics. He also has a page that displays his Real Time 3Dfx Graphics.

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    2,041,750 total page views since May 13th, 1999
    Jason Allen Doucette / Xona Games
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